What the Hell

I prayed for sleep last night but did I get any? Did I shite. Not a single solitary wink. Although, it was very nice indeed to be awake to see the gorgeous sunrise. Although, it prompted me wonder if a catastrophic solar coronal mass ejection event would strip the atmosphere from the planet and fry us all to a crisp today. It might, you know? Although I certainly hope not, it looks like a lovely day today. Clear skies, pretty clouds, birds singing, people getting up to all kinds of nonsense, like they do. Madcap stuff, most of it. Just daft.

But still, it’d just be poor form and rank ignorance to have an apocalypse on a day as nice as today. So, I expect there won’t be one. At least not so far as I know. There was nothing in the paper about an apocalypse. And you’d expect there would be. You know. If there was one. An apocalypse I mean. Although, we might get hit by a comet that we never saw coming, that could happen too.

But listen to me, going on and on and on about doom and disaster like an insomniac loony. I swear, I’m mad, I am. You go along now and have a lovely day. Maybe think about buying that hat you’ve had your eye on, you never know. It could be the end of the world and you could be sporting that hat for the occasion, think of that.

Sure, you’d be disappointed by the whole end of the world business, and who could blame you? But you’d be glad you bought that hat. I know I would be.

But I’m sure everything will be okay.

Fairly sure.

But buy the hat anyway. Sure, what the hell.


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