Story Time

‘Perhaps it’s time to tell a different story.’ Whisper offered gently with a hopeful smile as she took Maze’ hand in hers while wiping a tear from the girls grubby cheek. ‘Time to dream a different dream and create a new reality. We can do it, you know? I’m sure of it.’

And with this, Whisper sprang to her feet and held her hand out to help Maze up, with a wicked glimmer shining in her eyes and mischief dancing gaily in her grin.

‘Come on.’ She thrilled. ‘Let’s go. Right now. You and I on our own brand new adventure.’

And forgetting her tears and her fears alike, Maze jumped to her feet and offered brightly in reply. ‘All right. An adventure it is.’

And so it was, for tell a different story they most certainly did. But that’s a story for another time. For now, good night and we wish you sweet dreams of your very own.